Offering our vast pool of pre-vetted developers to help tech companies extend their engineering teams in no time.

Onboard talent in 3 easy steps.

Let us know what kind of resources you are looking for.
We send you profiles of matching short-listed candidates.

You meet the resources you like, and add them to your team.

Hiring remote developers made easy.

We eliminate the hassle of searching, interviewing, hiring, and taking care of the administration and payroll for employees.


Silicon Valley-caliber vetting

Our hires go through rigorous assessment on both soft and hard skills.


Proven pool of talent

Hire remotely without compromising quality.

Quicker than ever hiring

Onboard a permanent developer in as little as 2 weeks!

Hiring simplified with Astha IT

Typical hiring process

Why hire from us?

  • Greater value for money
  • Significant cost savings
  • Equally or more qualified candidates
  • Access to a massive pool of talent
  • Fast and easy onboarding
  • Control over your project’s management
  • Knowledge-driven proactive company culture
  • Full-time workforce, working 45 hours/week
  • Transparent billing
  • Flexible hiring models
  • Savings on employee taxes
  • Direct communication with remote staff
  • Use of task monitoring and productivity tools
  • Supervised on-premise work environment
  • Internationally standard office facility
  • Dedicated support from us in any need

More Benefits

Leverage the power of global talent with Astha IT

Pay for hired resources only

All our services prior to hiring a resource come for free. And you pay for the hired resources only. We do not charge any separate agency commission.

We minimize your risk of bad hiring
We offer a 3-month trial period after you hire a developer. If you feel like the developer is not right for your project during this trial, we replace the developer with another one without any extra charge!
Timezone flexibility
Our developers work in three different shifts to ensure compatibility and minimize gaps with clients’ timezones.

Our Talent Vetting Process

Our talent pool consists of some of the most qualified and experienced developers in the region. From top university graduates to developers with years of relevant experiences, we can provide you with the best remote talent in any tech stack you need.

Thorough Screening and Due Diligence

We receive thousands of applications every year willing to join our team. This calls for a detailed background check of all relevant qualifications. So before even moving on to the next steps, we validate every candidate’s past and present work experiences with previous employers as well as through data verification using LinkedIn and peer reviews.

Initial Introduction

Screened candidates are asked to send video introductions answering some non-technical questions. This is done to ensure their soft skills and workability.

Technical Interview and Programming Test

A panel of interviewers consisting of senior developers and management figures take detailed interviews of the shortlisted candidates. This interview includes relevant technical questions and programming skill tests. This step usually spans multiple sessions.

Final Review

Each step of the interview process is reviewed to make the final decision.


After screening out the best of the best, we onboard our new team members. A management figure is assigned to each new resource. We thoroughly brief them on our development process, answer their questions and communicate what we expect from them.

Quarterly Reviews

Every resource is thoroughly reviewed on their technical activities and work ethics on regular intervals to ensure every developer’s work is constantly meeting our standards.